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Crystal Quest Orgonite

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Orgonite Tower Buster

Tower Busters are the most effective way to clean any area of ​​energy pollution. The simple and convenient design allows the use of the Tower Busters for this purpose as well as for personal use. The Towerbuste can be easily used to boost energy in or around your home or property and the community. Our Tower Busters are made with various metals and crystals,

Each Tower Buster also has at least one double terminated quartz crystal Herkimer or Himalaya diamond.
on the product weadditionally place a Flower of Life symbol that the 
harmonized and improves energy "output".
The Herkimer quartz we use are of the highest quality and also strongly increase  the effectiveness of our Tower Buster.

Tower Busters may also be used in a grit in or around your home. The best way to do this is to place them on each corner of your home and / or your property. All cell phone towers within a few miles of you should be "gifted" with a form of orgone purifying device. Simply place a Tower Buster into the immediate vicinity of the. The shift which takes place after transforming of these energies speaks for itself.

The basic Orgoniet Tower Buster can be used to build a grit in your home or on your property. It can be linked to other base Orgoniet Tower busters, or one or more of the below-described specific extended Tower Busters.

The Crystal Quest extended Tower Busters besides purifying the energy in your home are also meant for personal or professional energy work. The particular crystals give these Tower Busters the following specific enhancements:

The Chakra Dream Tower Buster provides a harmonizing effect on the environment. It transforms unrested  and unbalanced energies. This transformation allows for revitalization and transformation of negative unbalanced energies in your home. On a personal level this Tower Buster helps you to achieve a natural balance of your chakras and make you aware of what is needed to maintain this balance.

The Energy Booster Tower Buster is designed for environments that energetically are very strained. It can be used wherever the energy is so bad it creates an energy drain for all residents. The Tower Buster lifts the overall energy into its environment so people can again perform at their best. On the personal level, the Energy Booster Tower Buster helps you get out of a energy low and connect back into the universal energy source. Again, the Tower Buster will help to ensure that you are aware of the cause of the energy problem.

The Protector & Anti Radiation Tower Buster is used against energy shortage caused by present external disturbances such as cell towers, high power lines, ELF waves, microwaves, and 60 hertz frequencies.
On a personal level this Tower Buster helps you to ground and connect with all aspects of life. Especially for people who can not connect to this earthly existence.

Orgoniet Pyramid

The Orgoniet Pyramid is a very powerful way to positively influence the energy throughout your home. It purifies the energy and recycles it to clear positive life energy. Obviously the Pyramid provides a perfect strong and vital energy. Each Pyramid we make is unique and has a specific intention that is clarified in its name. Intentions for instance may be grounding, attraction of wealth or becoming aware of the intended path of your soul.

We also make custom Pyramids to order with specific and / or personal intentions and energetic signatures.
The biggest Pyramids we can produce have a base of 44cm. x 44cm. All Pyramids are solid cast and contain varying cast-in energetic objects such as crystals, gems, spirals, scalar (quantum) unit and select energetic signatures.

Orgoniet Chem Buster

The Orgoniet Chem Buster is the most powerful manifestation of Orgone energy. It makes for a very powerful transformation of energy in its environment (often with a range of several miles in ether direction).
The Chem Buster often has a noticeable impact on its environment. Think of cloud patterns, desolving chemtrails, deflecting storms etc.

From our own experience we know that a Chem Buster also works very powerful in achieving the intended path of the soul. After placing our own Chem Buster of  2 meter height in our garden our life went into warpspeed very soon after. Not always easy but clearly in the intended direction.

We also make custom, to order Chem Busters with specific and / or personal intentions and energetic and specific signatures.

The biggest Chem Busters we will produce has a height of 2 meters. All Chem Busters are of solid cast and contain varying cast-in energetic objects such as crystals, gems, spirals, scalar (quantum) unit and select energetic signatures. 

We provide Personal small Chem Buster,  Tabletop ChemBuster. and outside Garden Chembuster.  Again, we can take into account personal preferences to make your Chem Buster completely personalized.

Any Personalized order may take up to 3 weeks production time. This is necessary to select all cast-in items like crystals etc, produce and eventually activate your precious Orgonite products in the most powerful way possible.